Thursday, December 24, 2009

holiday foods

during the holidays i have a sort of mental list of recipes i want to try. it never seems to stop growing...this year:

cauliflower and chestnut gratin
- last meal on earth goood!
sauteed chestnuts with bacon and onions- these look so succulent.
chex mix- i don't think i've ever made this.
buckwheat crepes with orange- christmas morning!
gougeres- savory cream can even deep fry them.
roasted dates with pancetta, almonds and chile- michael symon you genius you.
white chocolate tiramisu trifle with spiced pears- so elegant...white on white.
buche de noel- for the meringue mushrooms alone!

made: roasted dates and gougeres
will make: crepes, buche de noel and/or pear trifle
my sister, nicole, is teaching our family how to make tamales today.
i'm not in charge of christmas dinner, so the rest of you recipes will have to wait.
oh if only christmas could last a little longer...

what's cookin in your kitchens?


  1. I want to come! This morning we made eggnog pancakes with walnuts and cranberry sauce. mmm. merry Christmas friend.

  2. eggnog pancakes sound delicious! your cranberry chicken looked amazing too!