Saturday, November 21, 2009


man i’ve been having some horrible sleeps this past week.

the other night i dreamt that my bottom front tooth was falling out and the dentist wanted to replace it with a tooth from an old navy mannequin. later that night i dreamt i had a vet appointment at 5am, but slept in till 7 and missed it. then i woke up for real at 7, stressing out.

last night i was dragging moving boxes overflowing with my possessions into church. after the meeting i was sitting with some teenage boys at a table and i spilled a jug of olive oil all over the table and the floor. then this lady came in and started yelling at me and I had to drag the heavy boxes out of the church, all the while legos were spilling over and the boxes falling apart. what is the meaning of this?

anyways…back to reality…reminiscing w/ lindsey today about a few years ago when everybody was advertising products to give you that “j. lo glow”. yes, we did purchase some glotion, but now I think it was a scam to market greasy skin. today we stuck with the pleated plants at gap.

going to make a chestnut pie for thanksgiving! went to pike place and picked up these delightful 'bargains' at delauranti!
some chestnut creme and chestnut puree. the creme comes in a handy little travel tube...take it on the plane, pack it in your diaper bag or simply spread it on a toothbrush. lottie says yum.

why are there no thanksgiving songs?


  1. Why are there no thanksgiving songs? That is a good question... We need a song about pilgrims, natives, the stature of liberty and Thomas Jefferson eating 7 layer jello salad. Somebody get to work on that.

    Sorry about all the bummer dreams... if a church won't help you pick up your spilt legos, then it's no church at all.

  2. man I bet you're pie and any other concoctions could win mega prizes. Wish we could grab a taste. "one little two little three little indians..." is the closest song we can think of, and it shouldn't be one. Indians need to be honored. if you search youtube for the First Thanksgiving and Isaacsons or something you could watch our live re-enactment, written by Tim, from a few years. Only if you needn an obscure laugh. Peace! - abby

  3. abby! yes i watched that video a while back and had a good chuckle! got your message. i'll try and call you soon!